His Youngest Victim

Some would say that a murderer knows no bounds, but for Norm he entirely disagreed. He had a knack for killing the younger part of the population although he refused to harm children- anyone under ten.

On a bleak night in November, Norm had shot a millionaire. What he was unaware of was that the daughter of the man he’d killed had been watching. He tried to cover his tracks by kidnapping the child of six, but panicked. The next door neighbor, an elderly woman, had been passing by the house as he threw the girl into his truck and sped off. She called the police and he had less than a five minute head start.

Even with his foot clear on the floor of his truck, pushing 110 mph, the police weren’t too far behind him.

He slammed on the brakes, forcing the car to slow down, before turning the truck towards the woods where he fought with the bumpy terrain. It wasn’t long before he reached a small clearing and parked his truck.

The girl was crying.

He hadn’t expected her to be consious. This broke him. He was sloppy in the attempted murder of Ruby Marxx. When the police arrived in the clearing, there was no question of bring Norm out alive. Bullets blazed through the air and he fell to the ground where blood pooled around his lifeless form.

The paramedics reached Ruby, slowing the loss of blood from her small body and managing to get her to the hospital without much trouble.


Author: xrenderx

There's nothing to really tell~

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