Secret Sacrifices

“Look out for Arch Rock. That’s where the Sacrifices are tossed.”

A lot of sisterhoods have some form of initiation rituals.

Ours was different. We didn’t do anything special, just an interview. There weren’t many rules for us to follow. Travel in groups of four, get chores done, don’t mouth off. The basics. Between marching everywhere and our uniforms, we were a part of something special.

Over the years, the joke of First Year Sacrifices came into place. It started out when one of the second years didn’t want to do a “gross” chore. She’d turned around and told one of the new girls that “if you don’t want to be our sacrifice, you’ll do it”. Word traveled quickly among the new girls, and many of the older girls decided to use it to their advantage.

On smaller, individual group trips, the girls would talk about Inspiration Point, only the biggest mystery to the new girls. Running with the idea of First Year Sacrifices, we began explaining that we’d go to various different places around the island and sacrifice some new girls, generally the lowest ranking, that way the Island Spirits would be kept at bay.
But soon the tales grew out of proportion. Running scared to the adults, a few of the new girls would cry. And soon, we were scolded for our antics.
The saddest part was that I refused to participate. I didn’t like what we were doing to the new girls. I might not have participated in scaring the girls, but I didn’t deter the older girls either.

Promising to come clean to the girls about the so-called sacrifices, we stopped¬†spreading the tall tales. However, a rogue group of second years refused to stop, and they continued on with their lies. It got to the point where those of us who’d stopped had to turn around and defend the new girls, earning dirty looks from those who couldn’t stop.


Author: xrenderx

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