Below – Part One


Writing Prompt: Home


Lissa found herself in a strange place that seemed to be rotting from within. The ground was damp, and the earthy smell was overwhelming. Somewhere to her left, she could hear the strained breathing of another living being, although she was unable to put a name with it. Time seemed to take forever to pass, and maybe it did.

A chill climbed up Lissa’s back and she ceased moving. Something had caught her attention, lurking in the shadows. “Who-whose there?” she asked, overly aware of the way her voice wavered.

There was a clatter before an answer bounced back, “Dontell, do tell him who are you?”

His quirky way of answering made her want to giggle, but there was something about it that felt familiar. Another voice joined in the conversation, this one much closer than the last, “Don’t talk to him. He’s nothing more than the guard holding us down here.” His voice was gruff but somewhere deep down, she supposed he was kind. She was quiet for a few moments, trying to figure out what to say next. “Don’t worry kid, soon you’ll forget all about the life you led before down here,” his voice added.

“How long have you been down here?” she asked, her voice low so Dontell couldn’t hear, “And why are we here?”

“The name’s Cartlyn, Colten Cartlyn. I’ve been down here for nearly seven months. Darcy, the one you’re replacing was here for three years, two months and nine days….” his voice trailed off for a moment, before springing back. “She was about to tell me why we were here when she disappeared. They took her one night and I knew, I just knew that that would be the last time that we saw each other.” He stopped before crawling as close as he could to add, “Any time someone gets close to figuring out why we’re here, they don’t come back.”


“I want to go home,” Lissa pouted, holding her knees to her chest.

Colten glanced over at her in the fading light of their prison. “And I want to go to the moon. But that ain’t happening, sweetheart. It’s time to accept that,” he answered, moving into his reserved state.


Author: xrenderx

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